Welcome to Lala Letter - a planner and stationery company focused on positivity. Lala Letter is just beginning, but girl has it been so much fun so far. Here's the scoop on how Lala Letter came to be. 

All of her life, Bella Gonzalez has been passionate about making. Whether it is painting, photographing, story telling, etc– she does it with uncanny determination and a strong will to succeed. And her written planner has been one of her best tools to keep her on track to reach her goals.

Year after year, Bella bought and used a different planner, but she was somehow always slightly disappointed. She saw the lack of innovation in planner designs on the market, and the gears in her noggin started turning. One summer day in 2016, Bella was overcome with the feeling that she should make a planner– no, she had to make a planner. The rest is history...

In late 2017, Lala Letter was formed. Designed for every girl, Lala Letter's mission is to spread positivity and promote productivity in the most FUN way possible. The #lalalettergirlgang is made up of women from all walks of life, all proud to call this brand theirs. Let Lala Letter be yours too. 


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