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Planners; we are obsessed with them. They keep our lives in check, and we would truly be lost without them sometimes. Planners are more than a tool to help prioritize, they're like our very own personal companion. The best planners are the ones that we like to use—they reflect our style (#issavibe), encourage us, and keep us on track (#girlboss). But sometimes our planners fall short... What we need is a planner that's full of FUN art & quirky, encouraging notes, #tbh some sticky notes on every page would be FAB, and I mean why not make it using sustainable materials?.... pshh I wish there were a planner that had all of that. Enter The Lala Letter Planner. 

Our planner incorporates all these things and more so that your planner reflects your *fresh* style while giving you so many organizational extras. 

SO YEAH, we will take a sticky note stack with that, pls & thx. 

Be the trend.
- B



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