Lala Letter #5 - Girlboss Spotlight, Kelly Brooks

Kelly Brooks—a Jill of all trades.

By day she may appear to be a dental hygienist, but this girl packs some serious creativity in her day-to-day. Since she was young, Kelly has always been fascinated with art and knew that one day she wanted to incorporate it into her career, one way or another. Her business K. Creations specializes in stylish accessories & art designed by Kelly herself.

Recently she launched "K.Box" a specialty curated grouping of 3 pieces of jewelry , each box with a specific theme & a named with a cute pun (like "Fringe with Benefits Box" hehe). Here's a Q & A with Kelly about how she became a creative entrepreneur while maintaining a full-time day job...

Kelly, tell me about your background.

I was born and raised in Alpharetta, GA and I graduated from Ole Miss with a degree in Exercise Science. Originally, I wanted to go to dental school; I was going to major in art and then get pre-rec's for dental school, but things didn't go exactly as planned. So instead of just getting an art degree, I decided to focus on exercise science and then go to dental hygiene school after college. I still was able to take art classes in college, so it all worked out! In my last year of hygiene school, I started K. Creations. And now here I am!

You said you've always been attracted to art, how did that start?

My grandma on my dad's side was an artist, and I've always been artistically inclined. My dad likes to do home renovation and my family is just kind of crafty, so I was always around it growing up. In school, if I had projects due in art, it was just a breeze and I loved doing it, but when it came to biology, I was like ehhhh, not so much. I always knew that no matter where my path was going to take me, art was going to be involved in some way. 

What was your first art endeavor out of school?

So right after hygiene school, I had this restaurant contact me through a family friend; they were opening up a new restaurant and they wanted a huge wall mural. They wanted this background story in the mural and I loved it. Even though I had never done a wall mural I was like "Yeah, I can totally do it!" But I was definitely in over my head. I learned a lot from it, but it actually turned out great and they really liked it!

How did you start K. Creations?

K. Creations started because I had a sorority sister ask me to put some Ole Miss art in a boutique she had. So I started creating a whole bunch of stuff I could stock her with. It's funny because I actually never heard back from her again, but it was the catalyst that started the whole K. Creations endeavor! 

My mom and I kind of had opposing opinions about what K. Creations should be, and what I should focus on in my art. She thought I should focus on one specific type of art like painted landscapes, or making specific products. But that's not really my style, I really don't like to stick to one genre of things. I like to try a little bit of everything!

Tell me about K. Box.

K. Box is a new product that I launched just last month on K. Creations. We actually launched it on the anniversary date of the creation of the website, October 16. It hasn't been long since it launched, but it's doing really well! I get amazing feedback from customers and many boxes have sold out. 

What has been the hardest part?

Since I do everything on my own and I work full time, the hardest part is doing everything that needs to be done in the time that I have; like product photography, inventory upkeep etc. It can be difficult to keep things restocked, my inventory varies a lot especially when I started offering BYOB (build your own box). 

Okay so you really do so many things—what do you prefer to be introduced as?

Oh gosh, I really am all over the board. It's tough and depends on who I am talking to. I'm pretty conservative about talking about myself, I don't want to come off as too confident, or out of place. I really do consider myself to be a full-time dental hygienist and full-time artist. It is possible to be both and I really enjoy it!

Lastly, what is your advice for future girls like you? Maybe even someone who works full time, but wants to incorporate art into her career?

Do not give up. If you love art and know that is why you were put on this earth, don't give up on it. Try not to stress about timing, your time will come. It may not always feel like the perfect time, but I promise you eventually your business will bloom if you just never give up. 

Thanks Kelly, you are so inspiring! Can't wait to see all of the success from K. Box & looking forward to a Lala Letter x K. Creations collab!

Bella and Kelly are partnering for a giveaway— Lala Letter x K. Box! Stay tuned to both @lalaletter & @k._creations on instagram to enter the giveaway! You must follow both accounts, one winner will be chosen from each account to receive a 2019 Planner and K. Box! Make sure to enter & good luck!

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  • Hi Kelly, can’t wait to see more of your product!!! Sounds so fun and Congrats on your endeavor to work full time and do your creations!! Look forward to more! Tell your momma hi for me please!! The Best to you…..Gloria Beary

    Gloria Beary

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